Patch Management

Patching service designed for both application and security stakeholders

Predictable Patch Implementations

Cloudaware patch management gives application owners clear notice about the impacted infrastructure. Before every patch cycle, Cloudaware provides a patching report by application. The report includes details on available upgradable packages, the machines that will be updated, and the scheduled patch installation date. Once the patching report is published, application owners can apply patches pre-emptively. Only if application owners decide to do nothing, Cloudaware will apply patches as scheduled.


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Consistent Patching Across All Environments

Cloudaware ensures consistency of patch implementation by completing each patching cycle as advertised. Cloudaware generates a patching snapshot defining the intended patches and versions. Using CMDB integration, Cloudaware guarantees the patching snapshot to be applied across all customer environments. Cloudaware minimizes service disruptions using patch groups.


Autonomous Recovery

Cloudaware offers a shared responsibility patching methodology that allows application owners to maintain the necessary autonomy in patch administration. If a negative impact is identified, the application owner can execute a rollback script available on every instance. By deploying instant and automated rollbacks, application owners independently control package updates to avoid service outages.


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