Billing Data Processing

Data Pipeline templates designed for cloud billing data and customizable chargeback allocation

Multi-cloud Data

Multi-cloud environments ensure resiliency but overcomplicate cost allocation. While cloud providers focus on breaking down costs by products and services, Cloudaware consolidates the billing data from multiple sources into a single application-centric view. The visibility into cost delivery, regardless of the cloud and tagging coverage, helps to define the profitability of business services.


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CI Level Costs

Cloudaware merges billing data and performance telemetry for every CI in CMDB. We provide all the necessary data and algorithms to perform infrastructure rightsizing and optimization. By understanding the costs of doing business, application owners can model their spending and expected utilization to implement the cost-effective architecture.


Kubernetes Costs

Cloudaware exploits Prometheus telemetry and generates Kubernetes chargeback reports broken down by pod, node, deployment, namespace, etc. Such granularity facilitates cluster spending distribution.


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