Endpoint Security

Consolidate foundational security controls

Enable all security features with one single easy-to-install agent

Cloudaware Breeze agent automatically enables scanning, HIDS and patching for your environment.

  • Use automated and on-demand scans to explore and remediate vulnerabilities in time
  • Reduce the cost of your vulnerability scanning by up 75% using our pay-per-scan licensing model

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Establish secure boundaries

Get aware of missing scans, available upgradable packages and HIDS alerts to take action and minimize risks.

  • Using SPOT CMDB, reveal unscanned and unpatched resources to know your infrastructure better
  • Utilize Cloudaware workflows to assign security tasks to your SecOps
  • Configure incidents to get alerted about critical events in real time

Leverage all types of logs

Gain complete visibility across all infrastructure tiers (cloud, network, OS) along with enhanced security, monitoring, alerting, reporting, anomaly detection, and forecasting in a single tool.

  • Enjoy the automatic discovery of log sources - no additional setup is required
  • Benefit from Machine Learning to detect anomalies and perform forecasting
  • Take advantage of long-term data retention (up to 7 years) and auto-archiving

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Key Differentiators


CMDB and Asset Management are foundational components of endpoint security program. Cloudaware provides SecOps with a single pane of glass into modern digital infrastructure inventory and configuration.

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