Cost Analysis

Align cloud spend with business decisions

Control costs of your applications and services

Take a closer look into how much business applications and services cost you to operate in order to manage your cloud spending better.

  • Achieve cross-cloud cost transparency to allocate spending proportionally to business value
  • Check costs broken down by application, environment, line of business, and other dimensions


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Optimize your spend

Explore your options to economize based on complete visibility and saving opportunities offered by cloud platforms.

  • Identify underutilized or idle resources to reduce waste
  • Calculate your RI utilization to negotiate the best rates with cloud providers
  • Save even more with rightsizing recommendations


Project your cloud budget

Know what to expect using forecasting capability and overusage alerts to successfully plan your organization's budget for the next year.

  • Keep track of your spending historically to evaluate trends
  • Get accurate forecasts to properly plan your spending
  • Prevent unplanned expenses using billing anomalies and spikes detection


Key Differentiators


Cloudaware enriches every CI in CMDB with resource-level cost data. Using cost and telemetry data, FinOps identify underutilized and idling resources contributing to wasteful spending. As a result, customers can optimize their infrastructure expenses to meet budget requirements and improve cost efficiency for future application deployments.

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