Asset Management

Achieve operational excellence with multi-sourced asset data

Get complete picture with multi-sourced data

Assemble AWS, Azure, and GCP environments inside one platform. Enrich CMDB with data from additional integrations. Easily keep track of your enterprise-size inventory with as many cloud accounts as required.

  • Access infrastructure across multiple cloud providers in one click
  • The tree-structure organized inventory reveals relations between services and assets


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Low-friction continuous infrastructure discovery

Cloudaware provides API-enabled and real-time infrastructure discovery of cloud and physical environments for enterprises.

  • Add your cloud accounts and let Cloudaware do the rest - no import or export of data is required
  • The inventory is scalably collected to provide a deeper view into your cloud environment
  • Cloudaware detects and collects new infrastructure accounts and their subentities, e.g. AWS Organizations, Active Directories, Google Organizations


Drive action with powerful CMDB insights

Cloudaware CMDB acts as a single point of truth to gain complete visibility of your environment.

  • Cloudaware aggregates multiple feeds of data into a single CI
  • Query infrastructure assets to identify instances that are not monitored, scanned, or patched
  • Leverage the multi-layered CMDB to improve your resiliency, security and compliance


Key Differentiators


Cloudaware CMDB provides complete visibility into cloud, non-cloud and network infrastructure assets.

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