Analytics Studio

Data-driven visual insights into enterprise ops

360° Infrastructure Operations View

In this era of cloudification, companies must know their assets, performance, and security posture to keep pace with innovation and eventually mature. In most cases, gaining, intelligent processing, and effectively presenting diverse multi-source data are crucial. Cloudaware supports various cloud-native and external data sources.

Analytics Studio is where you can connect, combine and transform data of any type, size, or shape to ensure full visibility into enterprise operations. Bring CMDB context in to interact with data more efficiently. Many interactive and beautiful analytics dashboards are available out of the box. Share access to dashboards and specific widgets to collaborate on insights found.

Meaningful Experiences For Every Team



  • Multi-Cloud Inventory Datasets
  • OS-level Facts
  • CLI, API and SAQL Access
  • Tagging Coverage



  • Assets and Vulnerabilities Dataset
  • Unscanned and Unnpatched Inventory
  • Security Tools Coverage and Adoption
  • Compliance Metrics and KPIs



  • Forecasting
  • RI Utilization/Saving Plans
  • Rightsizing
  • Exportable Chargeback Reports

Customization In One Click

Use our simple and intuitive interface to create dashboards that put your own concepts at the center. Filter the data by tag, application, cloud account, and more to gain granularity for better decisions. Change any visualization item in a snap to highlight what needs to be explicit.


TAM Services

In Cloudaware, we believe that every customer deserves the best. Our team of dedicated account managers is happy to build any custom analytics dashboards to help you succeed.

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