Puppet, Chef, Ansible, CloudFormation and Jenkins with overlay access control model. Best tools to create easy-button service catalogs.

CloudAware Deployment Orchestration diagram

Feature Highlights

  • Fine Grain Access Control

    Puppet, Chef and other DevOps tools have notoriously weak access control models. For example puppet enterprise dashboard allows only 3 different user roles. CloudAware can operate as a classifier for Chef, Puppet and Ansible. CloudAware uses force.com advanced access control model to manage access to configuration parameters such as database passwords and other credentials.

    Fine Grain Access Control
  • DevOps Workflow

    CloudAware is not just an orchestrator; it's also a workflow tool used to deploy "puppetized" and "chefitized" applications to the cloud. Default workflow includes steps such as security review and enterprise architecture review. Once approved, service catalog templates are available to use in the enterprise app-store.

    DevOps Workflow
  • DevOps Integration

    CloudAware will notify users as soon as Puppet is done setting up your instance. Notifications are pushed via email and mobile devices.

    DevOps and Chatter Integration

Five Problems We Solve:

  • 1Security access configuration items such as database passwords.
  • 2Lack of DevOps process for building and deploying app in AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds.
  • 3DevOps becoming new silo or new bottleneck.
  • 4End users always depending on DevOps for provisioning.
  • 5Lack of self-service DevOps solutions.