When CloudAware detects non-standard change it initiates a case or approval request to an appropriate member of your team.

CloudAware CloudTrail diagram

Feature Highlights

  • Advanced Search

    Retain searchable data for 7 years. By default. Our custom search interface is designed for mining cloudtrail data.

    Advanced Search
  • Track User Activity

    CloudAware will alert you when IAM user has not accessed his account in over 3 months. With sumologic or loggly, you would have to retain your data for 3 months and that gets expensive quickly.

    Track User Activity
  • Unlock CloudTrail with CMDB

    We integrated CloudTrail with our leading enterprise CMDB. Now you can quickly retrieve relevant CloudTrail data directly from an EC2 Instance or any other AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Object Page.

    Unlock CloudTrail with CMDB
  • Insightful Analytics

    CloudAware is built on force.com which in turn has most advanced and easy to use report builder. This means you can design engaging dashboards and reports in minutes.

    Although you probably won't need to because CloudAware is pre-packaged with 100s of reports designed and created by daily AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud users.

    Insightful Analytics

Five Problems We Solve:

  • 1Building homegrown tools to parse CloudTrail data.
  • 2Inability to find relevant data with generic searches.
  • 3Tracking inactive AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Users
  • 4Identifying changes related to specific AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Object.
  • 5Lack of insight into activity levels in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.