We make it easy to deploy and manage applications in the Amazon, Azure, and Google Clouds.

From Change Management to Compliance Engine, CloudAware is a 1-stop management platform for large scale AWS, Azure & Google Cloud consumers.

Our customer profile:

  • 200+ EC2 Instances200+ AWS EC2 Instances
    Azure VM's
    GCE Instances
    Physical Servers
  • Multiple AWS AccountsMultiple AWS Accounts
    Azure Subscriptions
    Google Projects
  • PCI or HIPAA CompliancePCI or HIPAA Compliance
  • Global 2000 CompanyGlobal 2000 Company

Built on force.com®

CloudAware is secure, scalable and customizable because it is built on top of the most powerful platform for deploying enterprise applications.

A Sampling of CloudAware Clients:

  • Client
  • Client
  • Client
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